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The WhatsApp Wallpaper app offers a selection of great backgrounds to change the look of WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp is great for sending free messages from your mobile and saves you on the cost of SMS. However, it gets a bit dull looking with the same interface design the whole time, which is where WhatsApp Wallpaper comes in.

This official set of background images for WhatsApp includes a range of pictures, including lunar landscapes, textures, and scenes from nature. Barring a few exceptions, the images in WhatsApp Wallpaper are attractive and tasteful. However, the range of subjects and themes isn't as broad as you'd find in an app such as Backgrounds, for example.

If you want to brighten up your chats in WhatsApp, then WhatsApp Wallpaper makes for an interesting, free way of adding some color to the interface.

WhatsApp Wallpaper


WhatsApp Wallpaper 2.0

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